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Play As You Learn

Child counselling provides your little ones with an environment where they can explore their difficulties through child-friendly and holistic approaches.

Playgroup is a fun and interesting place where children are encouraged to play, learn, think and grow so they can become the best of what they were designed to be.

Basic Identification through Stories,Games Visual sessions. Aerobics and Yoga for overall development of the child.

Phonics is systematic teaching of the sounds conveyed by letters and groups of letters, and includes teaching children to combine and blend these to read or write words.

Speech & Drama, elocution, picture talk, object talk are the methods used to improve the vocabuary of the child.

This is a fast world where even a toddler needs to prove his acumen in a preschool or nursery interview.

Picture talk helps to enhance a child's vocabulary and helps allot in developing the brain so that they can be the best.

Elocution increases confidence of the child as well as it brings out the creativity and hidden talent of the child.

Welcome to CMA

Some of Our Events

Farm Day

CMA's Farm day gives allot of knowledge about farm and our farmers to children.

Independence Day

Independence Day celebration for students.

See more events Here!

Our Staff

Madhvi Morjaria


A graduate from Damodar College of Commerce and has completed the AMI course from Ratan Tata Institute, she is highly skilled and very loving when it comes to kids.
She has 18 years of experience in this field and she has an unmatched passion for enhancing personalities of children.
So to assure that your kid is in the right hands, CMA is the best choice.

What We Do


Children to nurture positive and good environment.


Children to be enthusiastic and find pleasure in new and challenging activities.


Self motivation and concentration in children, which is necessary to choose their own activities and complete them with time and precision.


Children to be aware, appreciate, respect and care for one’s environment, self and others.

Cheerful Mind Academy (CMA) Playschool

Our Mission

Cheerful Mind Academy is an academy with vibrant learning community where children from different cultures come together to create a rich environment that supports the development of, and adds to, each child's life compass.
The strong community culture fostered at the Academy is built upon the following concepts and actions that reflect these concepts:
- respect
- trust
- compassion
- rights and responsibility
A shared understanding of these concepts enables members of the Academy and the Kindergarten community to nurture strong relationships and friendships, which are the cornerstone of quality early childhood education and care. Parents are encouraged to take an active part in all aspects of the life of the centre, making their association with Academy enjoyable and enriching.

At Cheerful Mind Academy we aim to:

Build and foster a sense of community that is inclusive and welcoming and respectful of the values, beliefs and practices of all cultures and backgrounds.
Empower and include all individuals.
Focus on developing the whole person.
Create a safe, nurturing, challenging, stimulating, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing environment.
Communication and Collaboration - both within and between groups of children, parents, and teachers.
The importance of a continuing dialogue with the parents.
A curriculum that uses projects as a vehicle for children and teachers to construct knowledge and understanding through small-group collaboration.
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